Don’t be negative

The new health centre will be a boon to the whole area

Why is Oceanside so negative about the new urgent-care facility? I really believe this is one of those situations in which people’s negativity breeds negativity.

Yes, we could use an entire, full-service hospital. I’m sure every small city could. But if there is clearly no budget for this, I’m extremely happy, as the mother of small children, to be getting a brand-new, urgent-care facility.

As a family, we could have used available urgent care three times in the past year.

Parksville’s current after-hours clinic is open less than 30 hours a week. It has never been open, not one time, when my family has needed it, so Nanaimo General Hospital was the only option.

The new facility will be open for urgent care 15 hours a day. This is a 300 per cent improvement in after-hours service and I think that’s fantastic.

I know we have an aging population that needs more services, but I am grateful for any and all improvements to health services, because I recognize that most places in the rest of the world have nowhere near our level of healthcare. The new facility will undoubtably save lives, and this should only be celebrated, not endlessly moaned about.

Sharon Todd