Don’t mock faith

Neil Horner's column failed to mention the atrocities committed by the non-faithful

Re: Neil Horner’s column in the Oct. 19 edition of The News.

Why do the spiritually indifferent and the historically inadequate feel the need to mock religion through its very worst examples?

Neil Horner’s veiled bigotry has found its own methadone, and personally I find it tiresome when it manifests itself through things like second-rate comedy craft.

In the interests of harm reduction, how could we have prevented the deaths of tens of millions when worship of Marxism proclaimed that my non-god is better than your god?

And for those who worship environmentalism? Tree spiking, pipeline bombs and murders in TV stations — not a high body count so far, but the movement is barely 60 years old. Give them 2000 years in power and they will justify any means necessary to preserve their Mother Earth cult.

And don’t get me started on science worship — weapons of mass destruction, street drugs, agent orange, environmental pollution, pharmaceuticals, genetic mutations — just to name a few. Could we not just appease them with a high school chemistry set? Yes Martha, you stay here behind the couch. I’m going to take a look around and see if it’s safe to go outside today.

John Chambers