EDITORIAL: The middle path

It would be nice to get some non-wacky substance from those who want to be mayor in Parksville

Study. Collaborate. Hold a forum.

Forgive us Marc Lefebvre if we’re not all that excited about your, ahem, plans for downtown revitalization.

Too many politicians these days like to use words that really mean nothing. Sustainability is a favourite.

In the end, what are Lefebvre, and others who are seeking office, really saying? They have a plan to talk about making a plan?

That’s not exactly inspiring.

We understand it’s not prudent to unilaterally push one vision of downtown revitalization. But it’s our hope political leaders would have something better than ‘a plan to have more planning’? Is there not something concrete, an actual vision, someone can share?

Too many politicians seem afraid to say anything that might upset someone. These same people clearly care about their community. They may come across as sincere individuals, ones with experience who are not afraid to do their homework.

Unfortunately, these same people get stuck in the boring, safe language of the bureaucrat. Now, we’re not looking for a Rob Ford type (please no), but Parksville voters deserve something more than buzzwords that seem to come right from a conference of city planners.

Lefebvre’s opponent, Bill Neufeld, is at the other end of the spectrum. He says things that might be  seen as irresponsible (talk of supposed land sales and purchases) or downright wacky (the land at Alberni HIghway and Jensen is akin to Stanley Park).

As with many things, a middle road would be nice. Some non-wacky substance, is what we’re saying.

As for Parksville’s downtown, we were a bit shocked this summer when we took to the few blocks of the Alberni Highway that rise from the ocean at 6 p.m. on a warm summer Friday evening to find the sidewalks basically rolled up. Perhaps the types of businesses that are there, or some zoning issues, stand in the way, but it seems a perfect place for lively outdoor cafes, music, some life of any sort.

— Editorial by John Harding