Eviction heartless

There was no need for Qualicum Beach council to throw me out of my home

Re: ‘Eviction notice to be delivered’, The NEWS, May 30.

The elected leadership of the Town of Qualicum Beach had decided in a meeting, perhaps a special council meeting, that they would remove me from tenancy where I have been since mid-2007.

There was no reason provided that could satisfy the entire council in a motion by Dave Willie. Mary Brouillette and Bill Luchtmeijer were on side, while Mayor Teunis Westbroek and Coun. Scott Tanner could not find validation for such an action.

Certain statements were made and, being of some competency, I’ve found them untrue, without merit and grossly damaging to my security.

It is also clear that no value is placed on what I’ve done or the service I’ve provided these past six years. Staff had made, and was privy to, the verbal agreement. Apparently Willie has been studying this for a year, by which he had achieved agreement from everyone to write an equitable written contract.

I have a history in reclamation for the town in many ways. I’ve done nothing but enhance the value to the Heritage Forest’s security where possible and when I am aware. I salvaged this derelict premise and another previously with much of my own money and energy.

I have felt the need to sleep (four days) to relieve myself from the depression this has steered me into and only today (Monday, June 3) am I prepared to address the circumstances foisted upon me. At 62, I am reasonably fit but I haven’t had full employment for a significant period.

Referring back to the verbal agreement achieved by the discussion of council and staff at this meeting, it seemed to have concluded with satisfaction by all. But apparently Willie, Luchtmeijer and Brouillettte had changed their position, by which Willie produced another motion (perhaps not a year in the making). They moved a second motion to evict.

To have these persons arbitrarily evict me seems malicious or at best thoughtless and heartless.

Bert Nowak

Qualicum Beach