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Fell had it right

Aquifer recharge plan could prove to be problematic

Congratulations PQB News for courage in reporting Area F RDN director Julian Fell’s blaming of the RDN staff’s “social theory” for “sacrificing the youth and future employment of the area.”

In a region where the average income is but $18,000 the RDN staff, with their Marie Antoinette attitude, have misused the Widow’s Mite to fund visions of a gentrified RDN bringing in huge tax dollars from mansion owners, to bolster their over-inflated egos and grossly overpaid jobs.

Not only will extant Oceanside residents pay hugely for the disastrous aquifer recharge plan to supply these monstrosities the community fallout will be immense.

RDN staff are furious with Fell because the tail is used to wagging the dog, and he is confronting them!

Rural directors are outnumbered seven to 10 by Nanaimo, Lantzville, Parksville and Qualicum Beach. A Victoria bureaucratic clause inserted into the Municipalities Act guarantees that when the RDN tables a motion affecting only rural issues and city directors abstain, their non-vote is counted as “Yes” to the RDN staff’s motion, automatically outvoting the RDN rural directors, thus making a mockery of democracy!

EnidMary Sangster-Kelly