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Find peace from our torments

There's a really great way to find peace and contentment in this turbulent world

We’ve all come through the first half of the climax to the season of Christmas/New Year’s. Before Christmas there are many expectations, sugar plums dancing in our heads, while after Christmas there may be a big let down. This of course is followed by New Year’s get togethers and parties, which will be followed by January blues.

During this emotional roller coaster time of year many thoughts and feelings come flooding through. We are exhilarated by all the wonder, care, and love of the season and we often are beset by the sense that it didn’t work out like we had dreamed, it might not have been worth it after all.

It might be that you went shopping on Boxing Day, which is much more about self than perhaps any other day of the year. We want to make up for a lack or fill a need; we want to have, be appreciated, and be well thought of even if just by ourselves.  People go shopping as much for a smile and consideration as they do for what they obtain materially.

Someone called this the supermarket syndrome. All it takes is for a little silver, whether paper or coin, to cross the palm of another for that momentary reward which we go back for time after time.

In the midst of all this uncertainty and turmoil we can find peace, contentment, and a future with Jesus, God born among men. Jesus has come to set us free from all which torments, to set our feet firmly in the right way, and to prepare us for life as it will come our way and life forever. To Him we can seek to continue to turn to, worship, and adore.



Pastor Allan Walker, Qualicum Baptist Church