Focus on the local community first

When times get really tough, we will need to depend on each other and not senior levels of government

The global recession doesn’t seem to show too many signs of turning around and if we honestly examine our country’s economic future it is only marginally better.

We are helpless to make any change when it comes to global, national and even provincial trends.

We have only one option left, our local community. Keeping our money within our community and buying locally produced food is going to help hedge against the oncoming waves of recession.

Stop supporting big corporations and big banks that feed the globalization machine.

For example, stop shopping at Wal-Mart and move your money to credit unions. Get to know your neighbors and get involved somehow in the community.

Our federal and provincial governments aren’t going to help us if the recession leads to a depression, but our local community will.

Trevor Fyfe


Qualicum Beach