Gas prices vary

Why is it I can buy gas for $107.4 in Duncan and it's $129.9 here?

I don’t know how many of you check and compare prices on gasoline, but you should.

I have discovered that we have been getting ripped off on gas prices for a long time.

It is either that or there are a lot of dealers elsewhere that are going broke. Check the prices around the Oceanside area and you will see the price of $1.29.9/ liter. Now go to Ladysmith or Duncan and you see the price of $1.08.9 at most of the stations with the low price of $1.07.4.

Now I realize it takes money and cost to truck the fuel to our area, but up to a dollar a gallon? I think not.

Check out the prices before you buy next time and ask why the local price is so high and exactly the same everywhere but here. Interesting, don’t you think?

Bob Tritschler