Get all on board

Mine workers make good wages — and they spend them in the community

I continue to read about Raven Coal Mine and their approval process — particularly their desire to explain the project and get folks on side.

And after five years, they are still at it.

I would like to offer a few suggestions to John Tapics, the president and CEO of Compliance Coal (the senior co. of Raven).

Contact the Mine Workers Union and agree to a voluntary certification, also the Teamsters (to haul all that coal to Port Alberni), the Longshore Union in Port Alberni (to load all that coal), and the First Nations in the communities affected and get them on side.

Not just with jobs, but with positions running the Co. and perhaps even a financial position in the Co. Like perhaps a 25 per cent interest.

This would accomplish a number of things.

It would ensure well paid, (with benefits) qualified (trained, experienced, safety oriented) workers.

Show the public that you are here for the long haul and want to be here as long as the First Nations have been here.

The business community loves folks who make and spend their high wages.

Government loves the taxes from those high wages.

And most importantly, all of the above would go forth and lobby local, provincial and federal governments about the importance of getting on with your project.

Gerard Janssen


Qualicum Beach