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Get to the bottom of robocall affair

An inquiry is needed to find out what really went on

I call on James Lunney, as my elected representative, to support calls for a full independent public inquiry into the robocall scandal.

If the Harper Conservatives care anything for democracy in this country, they and all other elected representatives need to support such calls and stop name calling.

To compare this contravention of basic democratic principles with Vikileaks is simply unconscionable and promotes the false perception that all politicians and all people involved with our political system are equally deceptive.

Whoever initiated and supported this robocall criminal activity undermines the basis of our democratic system.  Whoever did this had a high level of organization, access to voters list as well as a lot of money.  Therefore, this inquiry needs the resources and power to investigate anyone they feel can shed light and stop such unconscionable acts.

Because this is such a violation of our basic democratic principles, whoever is found to be responsible, needs to not only be charged with the crimes they have committed, but also the costs of the inquiry.

Y. A. Zarowny


Qualicum Beach