God’s waiting room

Qualicum Beach needs to be able to attract more than just the elderly

peared frequently over the last 11 years since we moved here, and I fail to recall ever reading anything positive from this man. Could he be one of the reason’s Qualicum Beach’s youth find some of our elderly grouchy, rude and disrespectful?

We need all ages in this town and we need many diverse points of view because without them Qualicum Beach will die, which is a truly unpalatable condition, but sadly one that seems to be on the rise with fewer young families moving here, not enough moderately-priced housing and more and more businesses for sale.

The current council was democratically elected and it’s up to each of them to bring their individual points of views and concerns to the table, to watch over all the special interest groups that invariably raise their voices — some much louder than others. A counter-balance is always necessary as that’s what evens-out the playing field.

Every time he writes a letter, it’s quite obvious which team Horner favours, but thank goodness the other side has the manners, IQ and business acumen to continue fighting for our town that absolutely must grow and move forward, otherwise we’ll have to endure that unbecoming characterization of being known as “God’s Waiting Room.”

Deborah McKinley


Qualicum Beach