Greens might do a better job

They certainly can't do any worse

I was always told by my Nana never to talk sex, religion, or politics, but I am going to.

Whenever I tell someone I am voting Green, I am told it is a wasted vote, but over the last few years I think everyone has  wasted a vote. Not one person has kept a promise, they just keep inventing new ways to cheat people and then they put the profit in their pockets and retire on a nice pension.

Well, I think people should vote Green this time. They will never have a chance if you think its a wasted vote and, let’s face it, they can’t do much worse than anyone else. In fact they might just do a good job.

My advice to whomever gets in would be to lower taxes and take a pay cut, keep your promises and tell the truth. Then you might earn some respect and trust!

Shawnarae Ford