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Health care a concern

Our system is facing serious challenges, particularly in Oceanside area

Thanks mister editor for placing all three stories regarding health care on the same page (The News, Oct. 21) It helps highlight much of what is wrong with health care coverage in Oceanside.

The fact that our local mayors, some councillors and the RDN have bought into the bogus concept of a taxpayer-funded doctor’s clinic simply illustrates how feeble our local representatives are in delivering adequate health care to this community.

Let’s hope an election can cure that disease.

No matter how the costs are shared, the concept is far short of what would be an adequate and equitable service.

The idea that we are part of the local service area of NRGH is at base a deliberate falsehood, at best a delusion.

For evidence, look no further than the following item headed “No hospital, no mobile MRI.” There is a whole range of medical services that should be located in the communities they serve.  For that we need a community hospital, just like the other comparable communities in the VIHA service area have.

Finally, the third photo story is a plea for funds to equip the new ER. Are our tax dollars only to be used to put a new roof on a Vancouver stadium?

Shouldn’t they also be used to ensure that we have fully equitable facilities in our public health care institutions in any and all communities?

Why do we have to hawk calendars to get whatever equipment is appropriate for the new ER?

If any of your readers agree with any part of this message, let them go on-line to and click on the health alert icon and contact us.

John Olsen