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Health centre plan doesn’t cut it

Oceanside residents should send this plan back to the drawing board

I object to the way the bidding process for the health centre was altered and then not returned for a new request for proposals and bids.

The fiasco from Stanford place goes on. I am very disappointed with our constituency’s support of this project. It is time that our MLA supports community improvement and stops catering to those that have self interest.

This is nothing more than a stopgap knee jerk reaction to something that should be better.

I would ask MLA Ron Cantelon to please ensure that this project of a Health Care Center is stopped forthwith and a fresh look is taken on the needs of the community and ensure that a new bidding process is initiated.

Anything less is absolute ignorance of community needs and wants. What we need is a hospital similar to Port Alberni. Due to lack of due diligence by VIHA and our MLA we now have a facility for seniors that sends seniors from Stanford Place to the emergency at NRGH and then discharge them on the own reconnaissance to return back to the facility. This is morally and fiscally wrong.

Bob Tritschler

Susan Nelson