I like Frank just fine

Frank Horner's letters have been interesting and well thought out

Contrary to recent letter writer Deborah McKinley, I have rather enjoyed Frank Horner’s letters the the editor over the years, finding them down to earth, timely, sometimes provocative and realistic.

Because a person’s opinion is different to another’s, I cannot see where that makes them grouchy, rude or disrespectful, but rather shows a keen interest in local affairs, and as McKinley states in her letter, we need many diverse points of views, otherwise Qualicum will die.

Qualicum Beach has certainly grown from the sleepy little village I laid eyes on many years ago, but do we really need it to grow into a Vancouver or Victoria? After all, we don’t even have a hospital here.

I do like her characterization of Qualicum Beach being known as God’s waiting room — after all we could be living at hell’s gate.

Janet Dol

Qualicum Beach