I’m no fan of hysteria

It's good to see some common sense in the smart meter debate

I would like to thank recent letter writer D.H.Kelly, and the electrical engineer who wrote in an earlier issue, for clearing up the hysteria around smart meters.

I now know, from experts in the field, that my cell phone, fans, microwave, stove, etc. are larger sources of electromagnetic fields than smart meters. I had felt, for some time, that this was likely true.

I do not plan to go out and sit beside my smart meter anyway.

I do feel sorry for letter writer Faye Carmody, who suffers from electro magnetic field (EMF).

However, if what she says is true, she must have the meter removed from her home so she is not surrounded by electric fields from her light switches, lights, stove, fans, TV, etc.

Hopefully this would clear up her migraines, anxiety, deafness, etc. If not, this would give her cause to check other possibilities.

I wish her the best as I would have a very difficult time living with all those symptoms. When I was teaching, the flourescent lights bothered my eyes a few times and sometimes caused a minor upset stomach.

Ed Fergusson