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Imperfect times

We should remember that we might need some help someday, too


he sheer amount of bile being thrown our way after The News published a story about a man down on his luck, taking care of St. Bernard puppies, is astonishing. Seems quite a few people have an opinion about whether we should have given this story any ink. That in itself means that we have given the matter the ink it deserves.

Without passing judgement, or damning the man’s situation, we listened to his story and decided a little help is what we could provide. We didn’t praise nor condemn the situation in which he found himself or how he arrived there — nor did we offer any commentary on where he found himself, in Coombs, at the property of Ken and Lana Meuckon. While not ideal accomodations by any means, the Meuckons have had places available at low cost for those in real need.

Is it perfect? No. But it’s a place for people who have precious few other options. The News has spoken with the couple in the past, notably during a series on the state of home prices and homelessness in our community.

From the amount of comments on our most recent story — many of which were out of line and did not see the light of day — there are people who take issue with the landowners and their tennants. That is between those parties, who will either work things out, or not. This newspaper isn’t going to wade in to those messes just to try to embarass someone.

Like it or not, people need the service provided in cheap, temporary housing in Coombs. The community should not ignore this, nor should the people in need (no matter why they need it) be forced out, to move down the road and into someone else’s neighbourhood.

Should any of us find ourselves in similar circumstances, it’s a small comfort to know there are options. They might not be up to our usual standards, but they are there. It’s up to us, then, to use our heads and make every effort to make it a temporary stop.


— editorial by Steven Heywood