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Insult us no more

Writer getting tired of insults from the federal government

Vic Toews stood up in the House of Commons recently and said critics of a bill that would give law enforcement new powers to access Canadians electronic communication are aligning themselves with child pornographers.

I am increasingly tired of the Conservative government’s bully tactics when it comes to the public or other members of parliament not agreeing with them.

I do not agree in principal with a law that gives law enforcement greater powers to tap into the private lives of average Canadians who have not, nor intend to, commit a crime. I am not a child pornographer nor do I align myself with them.

Recently, federal Natural Resources minister Joe Oliver made a statement about the so-called foreign funded environmentalist groups that threaten to hijack our regulatory system to achieve their radical ideological agenda.

Again another insult, not only to those foreign funded radicals but also to ordinary Canadians who have the foresight to realize that a pipeline carrying crude oil to a pristine area like the Great Bear Rainforest, along with ensuing super tanker traffic is not the most brilliant idea. I am against the Northern Gateway pipeline and I am against opening up the North Coast to super tanker traffic for all the obvious reasons.

I am not a radical ideologue, just an ordinary Canadian who believes this land is our children’s legacy and let’s face it, we are already leaving them with little else. Please stop the insults.

Dagmar Seydel


Qualicum Bay