It’s time for a change at the top

Leadership in Qualicum Beach leaves something to be desired

Last year my wife and I purchased a small house in the town of Qualicum Beach. It was not an easy task to do at all.

I had a local realtor assist us in trying to find a suitable place somewhere close within walking distance to the town center.

We spent months looking and found the whole experience very frustrating and nearly impossible to accomplish.

There was not much of anything to choose from with what was available.

We settled for a smaller and somewhat older place as that was all there was near town. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry out loud when somebody says there are lots of homes available in Qualicum Beach.

My view is that this comment is total nonsense and when the local mayor is given such a rousing pat on the back for being so conscientious all I can do is laugh and ask why?

Our experience has shown us that there is very much a need for some sustainable growth and new housing here in old Qualicum Beach.

A strong mayor and civic leader with a real vision for the town’s future could easily see this fact and demand it.

Some of Qualicum Beach’s locals claim this place is just absolutely wonderful, but in their almighty view there really is no more space or room for new families and others.

Just look around for yourself in Qualicum Beach and ask isn’t now the time for a new vision and time to vote for a better future? I believe it really is.

P. Deir


Qualicum Beach



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