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Leave politics out of the market

There's no need to mar this wonderful event with political infighting

armers Market (QBFM) I want to express my deep disappointment at the apparent attempt by Councillor Willie to misuse QBFM to carry on his political hostilities towards Mayor Westbroek.

For the record, QBFM has, for a number of years, extended annual invitation to the mayor to officially open the market for the season. Almost always the mayor is accompanied by the town crier to add color and festivities to the occasion. When the mayor is out of town, the acting mayor has performed that duty— as did Wendy Maurer one year.

A few years ago, the market had an issue that involved provincial health authorities. Mayor Westbroek, in concert with MLA Ron Cantelon helped us resolve that.

When Premier Gordon Campbell — a Liberal — came to town for some function, the mayor invited me (among many others) to come to the Spirit Square for the occasion. In my opinion the mayor was being no more political than he was by inviting Adrian Dix to QBFM.

QBFM has and continues to strive to be a significant asset for the town to achieve the town’s wider goals, such as increased local food production, increase in tourism, a significant venue to draw visitors to the heart of the village on Saturdays and generate increased economic activity.

Under Mayor Westbroek’s leadership, town council and staff have worked with the volunteer board of QBFM to make the market as the meeting place for local residents and an attractive venue to bring our out-of-town guests. At the peak of summer months, there are almost 2,000 visitors to the market in less than four hours.

I would urge all members of council to please not use the market in any manner other than to enhance the attractiveness of this beautiful village.

And yes bring all your guests and help us welcome them to this jewel of Vancouver Island.

And encourage them to spend some money in the village.

Kris Chand


Qualicum Beach