LETTER: Be careful of late-night door knocking

A warning about late night knocks on your door: We live in a semi-rural area and recently at about 1 a.m. there was a knock on our door. I didn’t open the door but asked the person what they wanted and they replied “I want a ride somewhere.” I told them to go away and that I was going to phone the police which I did and they sent a patrol car to drive by about 15 minutes later.

As we have obscure glass on our door I couldn’t see the person to give a description to the police. The same thing happened several years ago late at night with a young woman claiming that her boyfriend was going to beat her up and she needed a ride somewhere. I did not open the door, but offered to call her a cab or the police; she then took off.

I believe these people are casing houses and knocking on doors to see if anyone is home before they try to break in. I will be installing more motion sensor lights and a video camera.

Russell Ramsden