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LETTER: Dedicated pickleball courts a must for PQB area players

Painting lines on tennis courts not a solution

I am an avid tennis and pickleball player and agree that we desperately need pickleball courts.

However tennis, courts painted with pickleball lines are useless for both groups. Having wintered in Arizona for 10 years, I have observed the pickleball versus tennis wars up close.

I do not play much pickleball here because there are almost no decent courts here (one in Nanoose and eight or nine at Pacific Shores).

The only real solution is new dedicated pickleball courts and the sooner the politicians realize this the better. There is also the noise factor of pickleball that has led to many grievances.

The obvious solution would be for all communities in PQB to pool their resources and build 16 proper pickleball courts on the Parksville beach tennis courts and lacrosse box. There is plenty of parking, it is far from residential areas and the surfaces are all worn out.

Please consider this before the painters ruin the two remaining tennis courts in Qualicum Beach.

George Hamilton

Qualicum Beach

About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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