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LETTER: Young families frustrated by lack of affordable housing in PQB

‘I’m chasing a unicorn’
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This letter comes to you out of total frustration.

Every morning I sit at my desk and the first thing I do is open the MLS listings for the PQB area in hope to see a listing suitable and affordable for my young family of three.

I’m chasing a unicorn.

I do understand that due to the pandemic the housing prices have skyrocketed. We keep hearing that the prices are (or will be) coming down. I’m not holding my breath.

Where my frustration lies is in the slim chance that I catch a glimpse of something in our price range and my heart skips a beat at the prospect of owning our own home again, I read the details of the listing to see that it’s age restricted or 55-plus. Every single time.

I grew up in Parksville and understand this area has and always will be a draw for seniors to retire. I mean what’s not to love?

However, it’s 2022 and I would have thought by now this age discrimination would have been gone long ago. Just because I’m not retirement age doesn’t mean I don’t want a nice place to live and raise my family.

Cindy Rilling



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