LETTER: Kick daylight time like a bad habit

LETTER: Kick daylight time like a bad habit

Re: Daylight time critics should lighten up (The NEWS, Nov. 14).

I guess I am one of Mr. Christie’s whiners.

Obviously, he has never milked a cow morning and night. Time is surely a human tool to somewhat organize everyone’s lives to a a common time. There has never been a full explanation why our “clock changing” is beneficial to anyone or anything.

It certainly is a habit that is perpetuated, but why? Does our circadian clock adjust by an hour on demand as we reset our digital clocks on the kitchen wall? I think not.

Time zones are global tools that have actual benefits. Think trains and Canada and a light will come on, maybe. When you feel jet lag travelling from time zone to time zone it is normal as the body clock gets out of sync with the current time at that location.

So why do we have our digital clock out of phase with our bodies when we do not move? Look at the numbers for accidents, sickness and all many of other increases that are (or at least appear to be) directly caused by these arbitrary clock adjustments. I say, save money and improve your health by simply eliminating this unnecessary and unwanted habit.

Robert Tritschler