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LETTER: Let’s turn lemons into lemonade and assist Ukraine

‘Together it would make a huge difference’
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After reading the responses last week by your readers to the provincial government plan to distribute $375,000,000 to the owners of cars throughout the province, it became clear that the majority of people think this is a gesture that will accomplish little.

Although it’s a considerable amount collectively, as readers pointed out the amount of $110 allocated to each registered vehicle, will pay for one tank of gas at best.

One writer who suggested putting it into our health care system did emphasize how it would add up to so much money, if the majority volunteered their share. These readers are correct, for the majority of us living here in Parksville Qualicum Beach, $ll0, although a nice gift, will not make any difference to us.

But if 5,000 of those people all decided to donate their gift to the people of Ukraine, that would be $550,000 that Qualicum Beach alone could send to Ukraine to help the millions of people displaced.

Mulberry Bush Books Inc. located on Second Ave. is doing their part by giving out blue and yellow lapel ribbons, the national colours of Ukraine, in exchange for a donation to the fund set up by Tom, the owner, with the Canadian Red Cross. All the money collected is specifically going to Ukraine via the Red Cross.

He also has a benefactor who has agreed to match all donations collected.

This would be a huge contribution to the Ukrainian people from a small little village from the West Coast of Canada. The people donating won’t miss the money, but together it would make a huge difference for a good number of people starting over.

We could even challenge Parksville to do the same and have a friendly competition.

Let’s take what many consider lemons, and turn them into lemonade and send it to people who need it, who will appreciate it, and to whom it will make a huge difference.

Dawne Williams

Qualicum Beach

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