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LETTER: Minor adjustments could be made to lights in Qualicum Beach

Matter has reached ‘crisis proportions’

We live opposite the offending street light about which my neighbours have been emailing back and forth with the City of Qualicum Beach town council.

Although we are not as seriously affected by the light as our neighbours, we do, however, find it necessary to close the bedroom blinds, which can restrict airflow in this hot weather.

It seems to me that not enough attention has been given to this matter which has reached such crisis proportions that our neighbour has consulted a realtor regarding putting their house on the market.

She reiterates that she loves living in this street, in our quaint little town, amd this seems a drastic solution to something that could be rectified so easily, had she received some consideration and attempts at a solution from the powers-that-be.

How difficult can it be to add a type of shade to a streetlight?

Instead it has been turned into an elephant-in-the-room situation, with bickering back and forth between government and BC Hydro, arguments about wattage, davits ad infinitum.

I’m not aware of how many others are affected by this bright streetlight, which has a very large arc in comparison to other lights I’ve seen, but surely there haven’t been others who are so affected they are putting their houses on the market.

I can’t understand why some minor adjustment can’t be made to this one light to appease our neighbour.

Patricia Evans

Qualicum Beach

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