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LETTER: More important things than rail restoration on Vancouver Island

‘Do we really need this?’
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Well, it looks like the Island Corridor Foundation is at it again.

In spite of the fact the economy is in a downfall, heading for a full-blown recession, they continue to seek out elected councils to support this asinine idea.

The latest being the CRD.

This council would do well to concentrate on the areas and issues of the day that are facing all of us on this Island, number one being health.

Our primary health care has deteriorated significantly for everyone with seniors being hit the hardest. Here in B.C. our health-care system is teetering.

No one can deny we are in a rental crisis, with increases of 20 per cent, while our housing market conditions today are untenable to say the least.

Housing and rentals are out of touch with the average wage earner. Do we really need this?

Do we really want to request our governments to spend taxpayers dollars on something that only a few will benefit from, let alone understand the ultimate costs?

The infrastructure of this antiquated rail line has deteriorated to a point that one or more billion dollars are the reality.

This is no time to be suggesting to the governing bodies to consider a resurrection of this rail line which the taxpayers of B.C. do not support. It is totally unacceptable.

Write to your elected MLA, MP and local council to voice your objection today.

Joe Dennie

Qualicum Beach



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