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LETTER: More bathrooms needed along beachfront in Qualicum Beach

Why are there nice picnic tables and benches at both the Brant lookout area and next to the Shady Rest but no toilets?

Giant swaths of beach that’s unusable to anyone that can’t ‘hold it’ or is unwilling to pee in the water.

The town of Qualicum Beach wants to be a tourist destination, but keeps missing the boat.

A family or a senior can’t be expected to pack up and drive to a bathroom.

In a vacation destination like Maui there are bathrooms (often just daily pumped porta potties) at all beaches.

Where is that bathroom trailer that was used when the four poles bathroom was being repaired?

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It should be at the Brant lookout or the Shady Rest beach from March to October every year. And a porta potty (behind a nice wooden screen) should be at the other.

What’s the point of five-plus picnic tables on a nice grassy patch, if anyone picnicking there has to leave to pee?

The town had millions to buy that new beach park. How about they throw a few thousand into toilets because rich or poor, young or old, everyone needs to pee, and many can’t walk 20 minutes to a bathroom.

This shouldn’t even need to be said. It’s a major oversight. One set of toilets for an entire beachfront bay is embarrassing.

Carina Vause

Qualicum Beach

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