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LETTER: Naturalists dismayed by condition of Parksville wetlands

Re: ‘Trail upgrades continue along wetlands’ (PQB News, March 16)
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Re: ‘Trail upgrades continue along wetlands’ (PQB News, March 16)

You would think from reading the article that the Arrowsmith Naturalists had participated in and approved of the construction of roads intersecting the Parksville Wetlands, publicly acquired in 2017 by Mayor Marc Levefbre and council.

Arrowsmith Naturalist members assisted city employees with plant identification and interpretive signage information without any knowledge about nor approval of the City of Parkville’s plan for road building, cutting off connection between wetland areas and digging a drainage ditch at one end of the wetland.

I believe the submitted article in the PQBNews gives an erroneous perception to the general public.

The Arrowsmith Naturalists are generally dismayed by the present condition of the wetlands.

Ronda Murdock


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