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LETTER: Parksville drivers rude, impatient and discourteous

‘Dangerous exhibitions of raw power’ are not needed
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I have been a resident of B.C. (Parksville) for eight years now and I must say the drivers here are the rudest, most impatient, discourteous drivers I have ever seen. The rules of the road don’t seem to apply here.

Every day I see people running red lights, failing to signal, not stopping for pedestrians and generally doing what ever they feel is OK.

One of the most dangerous habits I see are people passing on the shoulder while a vehicle is turning left on a single-lane highway.

Folks, that is illegal and downright dangerous. I also suspect that some drivers and riders don’t know what the rules for passing on the right are.

They are found in section 158 of the Motor Vehicle Act with advice on page 54 of Learn to Drive Smart and page 102 of Tuning Up for Drivers.

We need red-light cameras and more enforcement of the traffic laws in and around Parksville.

It’s time the city made safety a high priority and cracking down on poor and dangerous driving behaviour in our community.

Also for all you drivers who don’t know how to use a traffic circle, you must use your turn signal to enter and exit the circle.

The turn signal is the small lever on the left-hand side of the steering wheel.

Darryl Smith



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