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LETTER: Parksville Qualicum Beach residents just not prepared for emergencies

‘I guess some things never change’
(PQB News file art)

RE: ‘POLL: Do you have an emergency preparedness kit at home’ (PQB News, Dec. 8)

The results of the question showed 45 per cent responded ‘yes’ and a paltry 55 per cent responded ‘no’.

During my 30 years as emergency program co-ordinator for the Town of Qualicum Beach, I would ask that very question of those attending an annual emergency exercise or at an information workshop put on by our volunteer groups – ESS, Radio Operations, PEP, etc. – and the response was a close approximation of your poll. This in spite of the fact all our groups would have their own emergency kits on display with information on how to obtain them and what to place in the kits.

Every year the response was, sadly, the same.

I guess some things never change.

Stewart L. Moore

Fire Chief, retired

Qualicum Beach

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