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LETTER: Parksville students advocate for youth centre

‘We were overjoyed by the many positive reactions’
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On behalf of the group that appeared in front of the city council of Parksville to advocate for a Youth Centre, we would just like to thank you for publishing the article about our presentation both online and in the physical paper.

It has really helped us gather more community opinions about the idea as well as get the word out about the goal we are working towards for this community.

We were overjoyed by the many positive reactions the members of the council had in response to our presentation.

We are incredibly ecstatic about the idea of working towards a better life for the youth in this community with the city council and the mayor.

They have helped us in many ways, especially when it comes to building connections with other people that may help our dream come true, and we are so grateful to be building these relationships with the incredible people of Parksville’s city council.

Thank you for everything you have done for us, especially the original poll that seemed to catch the eye of many members of the community.

You have helped us in more ways than you can imagine.

Grace Dyck, Sofia Shaw, Karissa Hargreaves, Shirley Craig, Jenna Chomolok and Sam Mahony