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LETTER: PQB pickleballers need more dedicated facilities

‘Local ‘powers that be’ have not been very receptive’
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As recent newcomers to this area, I will admit to doing some research before we decided to make our way across the water and settle into one of the most beautiful spots in Canada.

We had checked into the many opportunities available to the local citizens and were pleasantly surprised to find there was a burgeoning group of pickleball enthusiasts.

This information, as well as much more, certainly was instrumental in helping us to finalize our decision-making.

Once we were established and we were in contact with the local pickleball group, we found that the number of players in the area was astounding, with the total surpassing our last club by over three times.

Sadly, we then noticed the community was sorely lacking in facilities that would accommodate these numbers, even though local enthusiasts had apparently been lobbying for suitable facilities for years.

The many benefits of having dedicated facilities for this sport have been addressed by previously well written articles and informative letters but I’d like to reiterate two I believe are most important. The health benefit…an essential item toward personal well-being that reduces costly health care, social services and police/justice costs. The present state of our provincial health care will bear witness to the importance of that. Finally, the economic benefit… dedicated pickleball courts attract people, and their wallets, to the local area.

The local enthusiasts have stepped up over the years to promote one of the fastest-growing sports in Canada and North America yet the local ‘powers that be’ have not been very receptive to the idea of dedicated pickleball courts. Maybe it’s time for those that profess to have the interests of all their citizens at heart to step up.

Jim Watson




About the Author: Black Press Media Staff

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