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LETTER: Prospective homeowners may have to look outside PQB area

Solution for one young resident was move to Saskatoon
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After reading many comments about housing prices and shortages, I would like to share how my 21-year-old granddaughter solved that problem.

Megan graduated from KSS in 2018. She was concerned that she would never be able to own her own home.

After having worked several jobs locally and a winter at Whistler she had accumulated enough for a down payment.

She explored online which smaller Western cities had her required amenities – hospital, airport, university, job opportunities and reasonable real estate prices which would enable her to buy a home – and came up with Saskatoon.

She arrived there last May, found a job soon, purchased and moved into her fully upgraded two-bedroom condo for $144K in November of the same year.

She has an international student sharing her condo helping her to keep the costs down. She purchased it all on her own.

It is well-located and central to everything.

Just thought her solution might be of interest.

Dianne Sisonenko


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