LETTER: Qualicum Beach council is too parochial

I cannot believe what a mess mayor and council are trying to create in Qualicum Beach by trying to implement ‘Nanny State’ rules as we see in England.

1. Trying to tell people what age they must be to live in a strata development. This issue is already covered by the Strata Property Act. When we lived in Qualicum in Ocean Sands we knew it was a 55-plus building; that was a main selling feature.

2. A plastic bag ban. It seems this idea was developed from a very small sample poll and smells of political correctness. Qualicum Foods already recycles plastic bags so what’s the problem? Perhaps getting businesses to switch to biodegradable plastic bags would be a better option. Have you ever checked how filthy re-usable bags can get?

3. A roundabout at the bottom of Memorial? This intersection has never been a problem any time I pass through it. And with the recent installation of a pedestrian-activated light and a 50 km speed, it works just fine. A much more dangerous intersection that could use a roundabout is the entrance to Qualicum by Eaglecrest golf course.

4. The most dangerous intersection in Qualicum is Fern and Memorial which council created by demanding Highway 4 pass through downtown Qualicum so as not to lose any business. There should be dedicated right-turn lanes there and left-turn lights to help stop the mowing down of pedestrians.

Qualicum is a pretty little town and has a lot going for it but the small-mindedness of this council is a sight to see.

There was always the thought of perhaps returning to Qualicum in later years but not with your parochial attitude.

Frank C. Stets