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LETTER: Quit your complaining and offer some positive feedback

‘I think it is so sad that the same people week after week complain’
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I’m born and raised in Parksville all my life and I love reading my weekly Parksville newspaper.

The only disappointment every week is so many negative rants - this week it was the seasonal/Christmas lights.

Really? Can we just enjoy the beautiful lights that our hard-working crews put up for us to enjoy?

Whether you partake in Christmas or not that’s fine - because nobody really cares and it’s nobody’s business.

I work in a local business and I can tell you the chat is more positive feedback on how beautiful they are. Thank you to the Parksville city work crews.

I think it is so sad that the same people week after week complain - bright street lights (room darkening drapes maybe). Noisy airplanes (maybe shouldn’t have bought in a subdivision near airport) don’t want long overdue sportplexes or running tracks, both which should have been done and completed at least 10 years ago (maybe those of you should try living really rural like Little Fort or Woss Lake or Headly, B.C.

Instead of pen to paper and being negative go volunteer in a care home and count your blessings.

Karen Dhillon



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