LETTER: RDN transit veers off-course

LETTER: RDN transit veers off-course

Being a senoir in Qualicum Beach, I would like to point out some very discouraging facts re public transport from here to Departure Bay. The early, 6:50 a.m. bus is very inconvenient, especially when it’s still dark. But it is the only more or less direct route, which is often necessary.

Then the return is a big welcome at 9 p.m., but is not available on Saturday or, worse yet, Sunday. One must curtail our weekend to arriving for 7 p.m.

Why can’t the RDN put the effort,energy and time into making the existing system better to Departure Bay rather than thinking of a totally new route?

Most times one has to get to Parksville to catch the Tofino bus! Never mind the return portion. All of this confusion makes travelling from here very tiring or impossible at any age. Thank you for researching this ongoing problem.


Qualicum Beach