LETTER: Selective respect for diversity

LETTER: Selective respect for diversity

One of Justin Trudeau’s favourite and oft repeated rhetorical falsities is a so called Liberal respect for diversity and differences of opinion in Parliament. He clearly demonstrated just how much he really respects diversity and differences of opinion when his government with the co-operation of the NDP contemptuously ousted Conservative MP Rachel Harder as chair of the status of women committee because of her “pro-life” convictions. This is as clear a demonstration as it could possibly be that if you disagree with this PM on certain key moral convictions, expect shame, disdain and to be silenced instead of honor and respect. Once again he has by his actions proven that the voices of all Canadians do not matter in the chambers of Parliament. Use of the word “discrimination” in this case is hardly out of place and Trudeau has sent a terrible message to Parliament and all Canadians. He has done nothing less than make Rachel Harder a victim of a violation of her Charter rights even though she was completely qualified to head up this committee.

The very purpose of this committee is to give a voice to and represent all women in Canada. The fact that with Harder as chair there would be tension and disagreement on issues like abortion and reproductive rights should in no way disqualify her, and her convictions should never be held against her or other women with the same views. Surely such discrimination is in conflict with the spirit of the very Charter of Rights and Freedoms the Prime Minister claims to respect. You should not be required to be in alignment with the Prime Minister’s prejudices to qualify for such a position.

Trudeau campaigned on a theme of “real change” but the shameful actions of the Liberals on this issue and too many others to mention prove his insincerity and the continuing hypocrisy of this government. Discriminating against politicians or any Canadian who oppose abortion on grounds of morality and conviction should not and must not be tolerated and Canadians need to be alarmed by such actions.

Gerald Hall

Nanoose Bay

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