LETTER: Seniors quite capable of being informed

LETTER: Seniors quite capable of being informed

While driving home to Parksville recently, I heard MLA Michelle Stilwell on the radio commenting on proportional representation. She said that the proportional representation system is confusing and discouraging for older populations. The inference being that seniors are incapable of learning something new and therefore should stick to the status quo.

This leaves this “old” brain pondering about just how much she knows about her predominately senior constituents. Does she spend much time really listening to and learning from them? If she did, she would recognize how wrong she is about the mental capacity of our seniors and that her comments are truly insulting to them and all voters. I, for one, won’t forget Stilwell’s inaccurate and insensitive comments.

There’s literature out there about pro rep. A quick google search online offers many choices such as https://elections.bc.ca/referenda/ or https://thetyee.ca/News/2018/07/03/BC-Options-Proportional-Representation-Explained/.

Let’s show our MLA that we’re not dummies and that we’re capable of being informed!

Clair Schuman