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LETTER: ‘Vandalizing any election signs is just wrong’

To everyone:

The signs don’t lie.

I am frustrated.

Apologies in advance for bringing up politics, but my point is about civility and politics is just the backdrop. Bear with me.

I pass by all the spots where every candidate has a sign. And every few days some of the candidates signs are trashed; broken, spray painted, knocked over, etc. But there is one candidate whose signs never seem to get touched at any of the sites. The vandalized signs get replaced or fixed and then it happens again. (That is it for politics).

Now this isn’t about any party. This is about the people vandalizing the signs. I haven’t mentioned which party, because it is irrelevant to name names. Just look around and you will see it with your own eyes.

The signs don’t lie.

Whoever is vandalizing the signs of any candidate is wrong.

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Simple as that. If you want freedom of expression, you need to let other people speak their truth. But, your truth is not allowed to bludgeon mine. We don’t need a list of rules to follow, but we do need to be decent to everyone, as we expect everyone else would do the same in return.

So, if you are breaking signs, you are wrong. End of story. You are on a violent path. Bad path to be on. We all lose on that one.

So, leave the signs alone, for God’s sake don’t protest health care workers and hospitals and be kind to your neighbour. It’s pretty simple really. Civility…I hope it spreads.

Dave Lantaigne


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