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LETTER: What Bard to Broadway suffered from was lack of manpower

B2B was in a very strong financial position
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Re: ‘PQBeat’ (PQB News, Feb. 16)

I appreciate so much of what Illana Hester talked about in her podcast chat but I would like to clear up one thing.

B2B Theatre was in a very strong financial position which makes it all the more unfortunate.

What we as a theatre group suffered from was lack of manpower.

The number of people we needed to produce three full productions at the same time is staggering, upwards of 40 actors, four costume designers plus seamstresses, technicians for more than 40 shows, marketing and publicity people, box office people and ushers for all those performances, set builders, crew and set change crews every two days, props people, set designers, musicians, vocal coaches, choreographers, board of directors and so many more.

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The job has always been difficult but COVID prevented so many volunteers from participating.

Too few people for too much work.

Our audience members and sponsors over the years have made us an entertainment success and a financial success and allowed us to indulge ourselves in this incredible art form.

They were the reason we did what we did.

Gary Brown

Nanoose Bay

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