Littering seems a sign of the times

I enjoy a good yard/garage sale as much as anyone, and it’s a great way to recycle or fundraise.

But a big, fat thumbs-down to the people who don’t have the common courtesy to remove their signs at the end of the sale day. The week of July 30-Aug. 5 was the worst I’ve seen yet, with the outdated fluorescent signage around Parksville.

Addresses are always on the signs, so they can’t plead, “It wasn’t me.”

It’s an insult to the ones who do hard work to promote Parksville, as in the sand sculpture competition, etc., and then have others trash the city. We’re not talking rocket science here; allow permissable, day-of-sale signage only.

C’mon, Parksville, you’ve dropped the ball badly. You do have an anti-littering bylaw, don’t you?

Ron Arnold

Nanoose Bay