Lodge not involved

Arrowsmith Lodge not involved in cottage hospital project

Arrowsmith Health Care Society is proud of our facilities and the services we provide. We value our relationships within the community including our residents and their families, our neighbours, the other health care providers, and the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA).

Our society bid unsuccessfully in the 2010 competition for an Urgent Care facility in Oceanside. We support the community in its development of the urgent care project underway.

The article in the March 2 edition of The News may have inferred that we are part of small group planning for, or supportive of, a cottage hospital.

Our Board of Directors wishes to clarify that while we have responded to questions from groups and individuals in our community as to the suitability of our site and facilities for such a facility, since submitting our proposal in 2010, Arrowsmith Health Care Society has not been involved in any further planning, nor have we received any proposals, for an urgent care facility or a cottage hospital at Arrowsmith Lodge.

Jennifer Christenson, chair, board of directors

Arrowsmith Lodge