Minds need to change

Majority on council needs to give their heads a shake

How come Qualicum Beach wound up getting the so-called Gang of Three on our town council? Don’t these councillors know that there are thousands of villages around the world that are hundreds of years old?

The majority of shops and houses are mainly two-storey affairs. They have been through hard times as well as good times, but are still surviving. Sitting on my desk is a photo of a public house that is three storeys high. The third storey is cut into the roof with gables. It was built in the 15th century.

You want to build? Forget about any heritage aspect — bulldoze the old waterfront hotel and find a builder who will not be hamstrung. The old George Inn site — let someone build there. Fill in the empty lots around town.

As for the Gang of Three, I hope at least one will rethink what his or her agenda means to the ambiance of Qualicum Beach and change his or her mind.

Graham Goodwin


Qualicum Beach