More than one issue for municipal election

I have never, ever indicated that I wanted Qualicum Beach to become like anywhere else.

There has never been any doubt in Qualicum Beach, where Frank Horner’s loyalty lies, however, with all due respect Mr. Horner,  it would be wise to make sure your facts are truly facts, not conjecture.

I have never, ever indicated that I wanted Qualicum Beach to become like anywhere else.  I was born in Nanaimo, and if I wanted to live there, then I surely would.

What my portfolio over the past 3 years, as assigned by the mayor, has been community development.

Under this umbrella, it has been my responsibility to work with the Qualicum Beach Chamber of Commerce, towards a goal of a sustainable business community, to work with Oceanside Tourism to ensure Qualicum Beach is well represented outside our boundaries, to work the Oceanside Development Association to ensure any developmental ideas and plans get a fair hearing and to work with the Arts and Culture community to encourage and facilitate when needed.

As follows with Neil Horner’s editorial, the perception that being “pro development” or “anti-development” will again, at this election, be served forth as the only options. This type of characterization is obviously more news worthy, however it serves to discredit the intelligence of the readership.

This train of thought could not be further from the truth. The fact that our only high school is threatened with closure, our business community is floundering, the fact we have a half dozen commercial lots sitting vacant in our town, affordable or attainable housing remains a dream, and transportation within our region is basically non existent, these are the issues.

Vision towards maintaining a sustainable community for the long term is what is needed. Do not confuse the ideals of vision, with “anti” or “pro” anything.

I will leave you with a quote from Will Rogers, Mr Horner, which reflects my philosophy for the future of our town:

“Even though you are on the right track-you will get run over if you just sit there.”

Mary Brouilette, councillor, Qualicum Beach