No to coal mine

There's nothing wrong with keeping Vancouver Island just the way it is

Do we need another coal mine on Vancouver Island?

If we acknowledge the existing damage resulting from past coal mining on the Island and the fact that many cavities are not  filled in — in order to stabilize the surface tension — then we should be worried.

Any coal mining creates irreversible damage below and above ground. Usually, the owner walks away and we, the people, pay for damages.

Job creation is the vehicle on which foreign investors are driving, followed by salary offers many find attractive.

Lets look into some of the concerns:

• The number of temporary foreign workers in 2012 was more than 338,000.

• For 2013, there are many more to be allowed into Canada.

• In March 2013, Stats Canada reported 50,700 new jobs were created in February.

• However, 904,000 Canadians age 15 to 29 were either unemployed or had opted out of the labour force.

We have 20,000 unemployed Canadian miners in the related sectors. And yet, work permits were issued to Dehua International, allowing the company to import workers under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) for a coal mine in northern British Columbia.

Meanwhile, other foreign companies operate under the same provisions.

Would we not be better off to keep what we have right now and safe it for future generations?

Max Kellermann


Qualicum Beach