Not the whole story on rail

Railway group isn't giving all the facts about this important issue

Although this railway levy is touted as “only” a one time levy of $10.92 per $350,000 of property, that is not the whole story.

“It would unlock over $20 million from senior levels of government.” From government? Sounds wonderful! Wait a minute, the money is collected from us. Processed through well overpaid (by taxpayers) bureaucrats, to a company where there isn’t a viable business plan or accountability. (Sounds just like another government department).

We need to establish what this CEO Graham Bruce is expecting to be paid. Well, RDN had staff that were paid more than  $200,000. And the CEO for B.C. Ferries? Well, let’s say we need to know Bruce’s 10-year salary expectations.

If he expects us to foot a salary of $200,000 during a 10-year window while he finds those opportunities for sustainable income (wouldn’t small business love such an opportunity?) it will amount to $2 million. A cushy job indeed if you can get it.

Enid Mary Sangster-Kelly