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Nothing provincial

The uproar in Qualicum Beach has nothing to do with provincial party politics.

I wonder how long letter writers Craig Dutton and Ren Olson have been resident in Qualicum Beach.

Their confused understanding of what the great majority of residents want would indicate fairly recent arrival.

If they knew the town back in the 1980s they would realize how much the town has changed since then, changes which have occurred within the guidelines of a well-founded OCP and brought about by elected councils which respected the varied opinions held by citizens.

There were no “gangs” in previous councils. Differences of opinion were debated and resolved with the electorate’s wishes in mind.

“Change” in those years meant a gradual movement towards achieving the vision held for the town. We took pride in being different from the larger urban centres around us. There were no privileged citizens.

What we have now is a triad of malcontents, elected to bring about “change” but actually bulldozing through a program of growth for the sake of growth, preferential treatment for those who can provide the structures for this growth and doing it all with ill-humour and contempt for any who disagree . They also spread such nonsensical mantras as “if the town doesn’t grow it will die.”

The uproar in town has nothing to do with provincial party politics.

F.H. Horner


Qualicum Beach