On behalf of many

Not all older residents resent young people getting a helping hand

As a retired member of the older generation, on behalf of many of us, I would like to apologize for the cranky old farts who seem to spend a lot of time complaining about your very existence.

Every age group has a small number of embarrassing members — youth has its own vandals and loudmouths casting a negative light on that age, even though we all know that we can’t judge a whole generation by those actions.

Please don’t paint all of us seniors in town with the same brush as those you hear complaining.  Most of you are a real credit to the area, and I’m so happy to see you active in the community.

My hope is that many of you will go on for further education and be able to come back home where there will be jobs for you.

Regarding the grant toward your dry grad, kudos to the mayor and many on council to stick to their pledge.  That small a grant does not mean that you don’t have to fund-raise, it just will help a little.

If our city can’t decide to spend $500 to help some pretty super kids, then I’ve moved to the wrong city.

Norma Reimer