Parking is the problem downtown, not signage

Parksville Downtown Business Association is asking City council for $210,000 for signage in the downtown area to help revitalization in the area. They want a guarantee of $70,000 per year for three years.

Everyone I talk to expresses the need for parking downtown. They state that they can not find parking close to where they wish to shop and therefore tend to shop elsewhere where parking is easier.

The 2006 Downtown Revitalization Strategies for the City of Parksville is being quoted by the PDBA as the reason that council should pay for the signs, or PDBA’s wayfinding plan. The document also suggests how important parking is in a downtown.

Access to parking is a key component for sustained business success; That quote from the study, (page 34), shows parking to be more valuable than signage, or wayfinding.

If you wish to have a say in how your tax money is spent for downtown revitalization speak out now as our council is making their decisions.

Elaine Hofer


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